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Volante first to achieve 2014 SWIFT FIN Message Certification

Gary Wright

Gary Wright

A leader in financial market innovation based on in depth knowledge of financial markets processes and specialising in data. Creator of business cases for new products and services in financial markets.

London, UK 5th June 2014 – TLC the independent transaction lifecycle certification company, for standardised electronic messages used by the global financial services sector, today announced that Volante Technologies Inc. is the world’s first data integration vendor to gain the 2014 TLC Certification for SWIFT FIN messages.

The test was carried out by MtoM a South African testing company, under the TLC specification and was performed with great efficiency by all parties. The test which includes the 2014 SWIFT User Handbook updates will be the first of a series of tests aimed at challenging vendors and their systems in being able to evidence how they correctly process and detect errors (where they may occur) across different message standards to ensure optimum performance and help reduce risks. TLC believes that a best practice and standardised system testing approach in financial markets helps highlight the capabilities of the very best technology available. A report detailing the test, certification and analyst’s view is available upon request for employees of regulated financial services firms from www.tlccertification.com.

Gary Wright, Director of TLC said “It’s always notable when a world first is achieved and we are delighted that a number of world firsts have been met in this project. Volante is the first to achieve the TLC Certification, TLC is the first independent body to certify SWIFT FIN messages and MtoM is the first independent testing company to utilise this certification. We congratulate Volante on being the first vendor to support this new Certification and for passing with flying colours and we look forward to helping them independently establish the full capabilities of the Volante product through further certifications that are presently being developed.“

Derrick Beling, MD of MTom said “Our congratulations go to Volante for attaining the TLC Certification. I would also like to thank them for taking the initiative in being the first integration vendor to enter this new test. MtoM was a vital component in the testing process and we look forward to continuing this journey with TLC to create a full library of new tests, for the complete transaction lifecycle, which will be important to the financial services community worldwide. MtoM takes great pride in being involved in this world first and we look forward to working together with TLC in the future. The industry needs change and change can come, but it requires a new way of thinking and these new certifications can help lead the way.”

“Fiona Hamilton, V.P. EMEA, Volante Technologies added, “We are very excited to be the first vendor to achieve TLC accreditation.  The award of the certificate gives our customers a third party endorsement on the quality of our SWIFT FIN solution and validates the robustness of our overall messaging capabilities. We look forward to helping yet more customers overcome the challenges of migrating to new and evolving messaging standards.”


About TLC

TLC provides independent certifications of standardised electronic messages that are utilized within global financial services organisations. TLC’s objective is to provide standardized electronic tests of recognized global industry message standards resulting in complete coverage of the transaction lifecycle from front to back for all types of financial products, financial institutions and vendors.

For more Information please visit: www.tlccertification.com

Or email: info@tlccertification.com

About MtoM

Micro to Mainframe (MtoM) assists organisations in realising their return on investment through effective, structured software testing solutions – before, during and after implementation. MtoM’s vision is to optimise the performance and functionality of our clients’ software and Software Development Lifecycle.  MTom’s SWIFT testing initiative is aimed at interacting with other professionals working in financial software test environments whereby we build and refine the approach of test process improvement to be able to cater for diverse testing situations through the application of good thinking, good practice and understanding.

For more information visit: www.swifttesting.com and www.mtom.co.za

About Volante Technologies

Founded in 2001, Volante Technologies is a global leader in the provision of innovative financial data integration.

Volante is dedicated to enabling clients navigate and manage the diverse, complex and constantly growing range of message formats, standards and technology challenges encountered throughout the lifecycle of any financial transaction.  Volante delivers and maintains comprehensive pre-built plug-ins for over seventy international and domestic standards such as SWIFT MT and MX, FIX, FpML, EDIFACT, ISO 20022, and SEPA, as well as proprietary formats based on XML, CSV and Fixed Width.

Volante’s innovative development environment simplifies the management of message complexity, so firms can improve their straight-through-processing (STP) rates and take full advantage of their commercial opportunities.  Development times are reduced by 60-80%, delivering rapid returns on investment (ROI) as well as increased operational efficiency for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Supported by offices in New York, London, Dubai, Mexico City and Chennai, Volante solutions are employed by an extremely diverse set of organizations, including buy-side and sell-side capital market institutions, banks (Universal, Commercial and Retail), corporate treasuries, financial industry utilities, clearing houses, exchanges, systems integrators and application vendors. For more information, visit www.Volantetech.com

Media Contact: On behalf of Volante

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Streets Consulting

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Gary Wright

Gary Wright

A leader in financial market innovation based on in depth knowledge of financial markets processes and specialising in data. Creator of business cases for new products and services in financial markets.