Trade EOS through an Exodus wallet-part 2: Buying Eos


In Part 1:Trade EOS through an Exodus wallet-part 1: Is Eos a scam? I provided some background and potential pain points of Eos.

In part 2 I will attempt to buy Eos through an Exodus wallet.

There are many ways to buy and trade Eos, however an Exodus wallet is the method that has been recommended to me.


Download Exodus Wallet

To download an Exodus wallet go to and click the correct download for your operating system.

Download and install the file, then to open the Exodus wallet click on the icon on your desktop. You will then be presented with the Exodus interface.


You can then click on “wallet” in the menu and select Eos.


eos-io-get-eos-exodus-incompatibleExodus is incompatible with Eos

For me this is when things got a little complicated. I had been advised to use exodus, however on inspecting the instructions I noticed the following The following wallets are known to be incompatible wallets:(see image)

To sidestep this you can buy some Ethereum through Coinbase or Bitpanda and transfer the Ethereum to your Exodus wallet. Then exchange Ethereum for Eos using the Exodus wallet built in exchange.

I accessed my Ethereum wallet through the wallet menu in Exodus wallet and clicked on “Receive”, then copied my Ethereum wallet address.


Transfer from Bitpanda to Exodus

I then entered my Ethereum wallet address from Exodus in to my Bitpanda Ethereum wallet payout address. I confirmed the transaction by email confirmation link and awaited the funds in my Exodus wallet.


A few minutes later my funds have been received in my Exodus Eos wallet.


Convert Ethereum to Eos

Finally I intended to use the built in Exodus wallet exchange to exchange Ethereum for Eos. Unfortunately the exchange was currently down for maintenance.


This can be sidestepped by going directly to .

Through this article you have learned how to buy Eos through set up an Exodus wallet and transfer Ethereum to this wallet.

Edit: I came back the next day and the exchange was operational. I simply exchanged Ethereum for Eos and am now the owner of three Eos.

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