Standards and legal issues in implementing Blockchain DLT

ISITC Europe is pleased to announce one of the most important events of 2016 with its December Blockchain DLT working group.

The meeting will be held on Thursday 1st December at London Metropolitan University from 4pm – 6pm. In this session we will debate with leading practitioners standards and legal issues in implementing Blockchain DLT.

Mayer Brown are a top legal firm practising in global markets and with Blockchain DLT capturing the attention of financial markets players implementation issues are now featuring as major obstacles. Oliver Yaros, a senior associate in the IP team at Mayer Brown who advises FS firms on data and integration issues in DLT and Bourn Collier, an associate, will present “Regulatory Approaches and Issues in Practice of Blockchain DLT in Financial Markets”.

They will cover from a legal standpoint the relevant regulation, data and integration issues that have to be considered to implement Blockchain DLT solutions. Following the presentation the audience can debate with Oliver and Bourn the legal points raised in their presentation.

Blockchain DLT standards are on the tip of everyone’s tongue today with a growing demand for standards. We have already published a framework of Blockchain DLT Standards and Patrick Curry, a leading standards expert, will present the latest moves in the international markets to introduce standards. The British Standards Institute (BSI) has also been invited to present their initiatives in creating Blockchain DLT standards.

This is a vitally important session and you are urged to attend but please book early as places are limited:

ISITC Europe Blockchain DLT meeting registration >>>

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Gary Wright

Gary Wright

Gary Wright is a leader in financial market innovation based on in depth knowledge of financial markets processes and specialising in data.
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