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ISITC Europe - Robots, Regulation and T2S - Can they work together?

2019 Economic downturn pt 2

Russia is suffering massively due to its political threats to the EU and its military posturing especially in the Ukrain. The benefits that were created decades ago by Gorbachov has long since disappeared, Whats left is a str…https://t.co/wbsaSSKMJ7

Global economic crisis looms PT 1
Its been coming for some time but we will now see the global economy under serious duress in 2019. The indicators of the ecnomid downturn are in the main traditional and can usually be factored into any boom. This time t…https://t.co/FqBPaN64CY

Brexit a future scenario

There will be no deal! Parliament will take control of the process from the Government (Constitutional crisis) into a cross party group of MPs. The Group of MPs will withdraw article 50. Upon withdrawal of article 50 the group of…https://t.co/AUYjjYR3jt

The Inaugural ISITC Europe Market Innovation Summit
We have a fantastic agenda in place, with a variety of topics focussed around the theme "Innovation Europe - Business and Technology Collide".
There is still time to register for your complimentary place…https://t.co/vzHI2WqVph

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