Kevin Gray

Kevin (B.S., M.A.) has been a marketing scientist for more than 25 years. Before establishing Cannon Gray in 2008 he worked for The Nielsen Company's Consumer Research division, Kantar Research International, McCann Erickson and on the client side. His background covers dozens of product and service categories and over 50 countries. Contact Me on LinkedIn or at Cannon Gray

Why Worry About Data Quality?

data quality
If you just assume your data are OK and all you'll need, you're probably going to have a lot to worry about. A good data analyst may seem like a pretty neurotic person to everyone else. Why do they worry so darn much about everything? Why do they keep asking me all these questions? Because, when the client spots something funny in your...

Text Analytics: A Primer

By Kevin Gray and Bing Liu Marketing scientist Kevin Gray asks Professor Bing Liu to give us a quick snapshot of text analytics. The interview was first published in GreenBook on January 24, 2017. _____________________________________________________________________ KG: I see "text analytics" and "text mining" used in various ways by marketing researchers and often used interchangeably. What do these terms mean to you? BL: My understanding...

What Makes a Good Analyst?

All analysts are not alike. So how do you spot a good one? By Kevin Gray, President of Cannon Gray, a marketing science and analytics consultancy. defines analyst succinctly as "a person who analyzes or who is skilled in analysis." For me, a good analyst is able to separate the signal from the noise, and also knows what kinds of signals to look for as well as where, when,...


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