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B.I.S.S. Research is an independent research company facilitating Academic Research for Financial Services.

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ISITC Europe - Robots, Regulation and T2S - Can they work together?

This Swedish🇸🇪 #ElectricCar by @teamuniti has 5 years of free #solar electricity to make owning an #electriccar completely sustainable

#EV #Renewables #Sustainability #CX #SmartCity
@chboursin @NevilleGaunt @alvinfoo @mvollmer1 @Julez_Norton @ArkangelScrap @Fabriziobustama

Japanese investment firm Asset Management One has launched a third fund for European investors in quick succession, as it seeks to establish itself beyond its domestic market. Read more @cwselector https://bit.ly/2CUf9wF

Realisation setting in that the lower corporate tax has less attraction for investors than more money spent on services. Quite amazing this election where all partys think its Christmas already

#DataScience - Decoded in 60 Seconds [Video]

http://buff.ly/2LOMc7r v/ @acadgild @ipfconline1
#AI #MachineLearning #FutureofWork

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