Blockchain DLT: Overcoming The Barriers To Change

Article published in Financial IT  • August Issue 2016
Author: Gary Wright, CEO B.I.S.S, Research, co-founder BAT & Co-Chair ISITC Blockchain Working Group.

To date, discussion about the opportunities from Blockchain has greatly exceeded discussion about the barriers to the adoption of Blockchain. What, exactly, are those barriers to change?

Blockchain DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) has escaped from its origins in Bitcoin and is now loose in financial markets, where it has been capturing the imagination of financial services firms and new Fintech companies looking to disrupt the status quo. Over the last few years, we have seen a seemingly never-ending flow of use cases: all look to besound propositions when presented and are fuelling a hungry media, eager to gobble up news that appears to have ground-breaking impact.

Full article published in Financial IT  • August Issue 2016 Edition. Download HERE

Gary Wright

Gary Wright

Gary Wright is a leader in financial market innovation based on in depth knowledge of financial markets processes and specialising in data.
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