About B.I.S.S. Research

BISS Research (BISS) is an independent think tank, based in London that provides a new type of research for financial markets.

Established in 2003, the B.I.S.S. brand has achieved much in a short space of time, in a highly competitive market place, but  believe that its success is just the beginning.

BISS has recently evolved from its initial focus on providing benchmarking and analysis of financial software systems, into facilitating academic research.

Since becoming involved in an academic research project a couple of years ago. BISS realised academic research could, if managed in the right way, provide immeasurable benefits for both academia and the financial services industry.

Unlike many academic research projects, BISS works with academic researchers from various leading Universities, in the UK and internationally, to produce targeted research, which is delivered within a set timescale.

BISS manages each project and produces easy to read industry reports, drawn from the research.

Research Sponsors can use the BISS industry reports to support internal decision making, or as marketing collateral.

BISS promotes and makes its reports freely available to industry professionals, academia and students.

Academic papers are promoted and published through academic channels and when available, on the BISS website.

BISS has recently updated its website to specifically enable the promotion of its academic researchers and their work. It aims to extend its links to more universities and expand its projects to include many different topics.

The first in these new sponsored research projects was initiated last year. Focusing on the introduction of CREST, the UK Settlement System. The data collected during this research will provide a rich legacy for academic study, for many years to come and will enable a series of industry reports and academic papers to be produced.

Gary Wright C.E.O.

Gary has been in the finance industry since 1969 and has held senior positions within several major financial institutions. He has also been employed within a number of leading suppliers giving him a unique position to appreciate the problems of procurement from both sides.

He was the creator of the unique B.I.S.S. Accreditation, which independently benchmarks international systems and services from the buyer’s perspective.

Gary is highly sought after for his views concerning MiFID and SEPA impacts on business and operations and also the effects of the creation of the European Single Market. He has been involved in many industry committees including setting the SII Operations Management exam papers and has also lectured at Reading University and at the ICMA Montreux event.

He has run a number of industry workshops, training sessions and roundtables and chaired many conferences on topics related to financial services.

His blogs, articles, whitepapers and reports are published world-wide both on the web and in the press and trade journals and he is an accomplished speaker and commentator on the many changes in the financial services market place.

B.I.S.S. Research is an independent research company facilitating Academic Research for Financial Services.