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B.I.S.S. Research is an independent research company facilitating Academic Research for Financial Services.

Finextra interviews B.I.S.S Research: Mifid II, the consolidated tape and London's future

FinTech Demystified

The Inaugural ISITC Europe Market Innovation Summit
We have a fantastic agenda in place, with a variety of topics focussed around the theme "Innovation Europe - Business and Technology Collide".
There is still time to register for your complimentary place…https://t.co/vzHI2WqVph

Blockchain can solve cross border Irish customs problem

Anyone that has been keeping up to date with the rapid development and deployment of Blockchain technologies (DLT) will know that the technology solution often presented by Brexiteers as a solution…https://t.co/XFgGtWGgi0

Are we entering a Bear market?

Global economic outlooks has not been so bad for a decade. With an increasing volatile global political landscape and Russia aggression stoking up not withstanding the usual terrorist suspects its hard to see where markets…https://t.co/6I9nSRc1Bg

Brexit wont happen!

The political situation across Parliament is entirely toxic to Brexit. Prime Minister May has done her very best to find a compromise that would gain support in Parliament but the fragmented nature of the views across the House and La…https://t.co/g63oEjvZiI

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