Gary Wright


Why hard Brexit is more likely now

The result of the general election was probably the worst outcome for those wanting a soft Brexit. I know this goes against the grain of the excepted thinking by political analysts today, but my reasons centre around the uncertain position of the current UK Government. The Government called the election to bring about more certainty and authority during the Brexit negotiations...

Blockchain DLT Working Group Meeting

Thursday 6th July from 5pm - 6pm at London Metropolitan University The next meeting of the ISITC Blockchain DLT Working Group will be held on the 6th July at London Metropolitan University in Moorgate (near the corner of London Wall and Moorgate). The meeting will commence at 5pm and finish at 6pm sharp. Please be in your seats for 4.45pm. Seating is limited and will...

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Distributed Ledger Technology: beyond block chain (PDF) (Report). UK Government, Office for Science. January 2016 A distributed ledger is a consensus of replicated, shared, and synchronized digital data geographically spread across multiple sites, countries, and/or institutions. Users of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) significantly benefit from the efficiencies and economics by creating a more robust environment for real-time and secure data sharing. Contrary to common...

Blockchain DLT and the future of the financial markets

ISITC Europe has recognised the tremendous interest in the financial markets for Blockchain DLT and has noted the growing number of groups and committees springing up to try and understand impacts, or to examine potential solutions. This is normal in financial markets when innovation is in full swing and where there is a need for all market players to understand...

Draft Proposal for OASIS BlockbenchIT Technical Committee

ISITC Europe is supported by BISS Research and BAT and the Charter is a joint enterprise between ISITC Europe and OASIS Open. The joint Blockchain DLT (Blockbench) Technical committee is a collaboration to establish a framework and benchmarks to assist in the development and implementation of Blockchain DLT solution. Financial services firms are encouraged to join ISITC Europe to be...

ESMA the EU Regulator Market Survey Report

ESMA the EU Regulator has surveyed the market participants and includes input from (BAT) (BISS) and although we are  not entirely in agreement of some of the conclusions we feel it is representative of the market view in 2016 To View click on PDF and scroll down (Download to enable clickable contents menu). Alternatively you can view this PDF in the...

BREXIT overvalues merger of Deutsche Börse and London Stock Exchange

BREXIT is 4 weeks old and the dust has hardly settled, but with a new Prime Minister and Cabinet, we can at least see some stability returning to the Government. However, the task to see BREXIT through, and to try and keep the markets and currency, as stable as possible is a tough one. Only sensible negotiations with the...

Blockchain DLT – the need for standards

BISS Research
The hype that surrounds Blockchain DLT is proving to be both a benefit and a risk for financial services firms. It’s great that the media hype has created so much interest and an ever increasing array of ideas on use cases, but there is a big but! The hype can lead to confusion and inaction to begin projects and implement...

Why Fintech needs Wyatt Earp

BISS Research
Over the past year, I have been reviewing the mandatory legal changes that had to be created and amended when CREST (The UK financial settlement system) was introduced in 1996. The project started in 1993 after the previous attempt at modernising the settlement system called TAURUS failed. CREST is the topic of an academic research study organised by B.I.S.S. Research and...

What is needed to get a job in financial markets?

BISS Research
Financial markets have been on a course of change for the last decade. In the last ten years the jobs in financial services firms has changed dramatically. Partly this has been driven by political agendas and new regulations reacting to financial breakdowns in both front and back offices. However, it is the evolving needs of clients and new technology...


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