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2014 Corporate Actions Benchmarking Project Launched

There are corporate action system vendors that for years has been designing technology solutions and data vendors providing improving quality and breadth of data but to the Wealth Manager and other investing institutions this looks a confusing array of solution providers all purporting to do similar things. 

This year’s Corporate Actions Accreditation will concentrate on systems that can fulfil the processing requirements of three main operational areas:  Data quality, Notifications and Tax. 

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FATCA Accreditation Launched

B.I.S.S. Research announced today a joint venture with Globe Tax Services, Inc. (GlobeTax), the world's leading tax reclaim and FATCA implementation experts, for the launch of a new B.I.S.S. FATCA Accreditation. The FATCA Accreditation has been produced to assist financial services firms to achieve FATCA compliance across an enterprise by identifying strengths and weaknesses in their systems and procedures and establishing a corporate standard

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GlobeTax Powers the B.I.S.S. FATCA Accreditation Program

GlobeTax, the world’s largest provider of withholding tax research, relief, recovery and information reporting today announced a joint venture with UK based B.I.S.S. Research to provide the new FATCA Accreditation to the financial services industry.

Under the agreement GlobeTax will provide subject matter and operational expertise to develop and maintain the benchmark standard for FATCA Compliance, which is marketed and administered by B.I.S.S.

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B.I.S.S. Research & Diliger agree operating model to provide independent analysis on systems and services

Helping institutions comply with tougher regulations and oversight on technology and operational process.  

London, UK 4th March 2014 – B.I.S.S. Research, the exclusive research company, offering the elite industry benchmarking and accreditation of systems & services for the financial services sector, today announced that it has reached an agreement with Diliger, the e-sourcing portal for search and selection of suppliers to the global financial market place, to add B.I.S.S. Accreditations® into its search and selection directory. 

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Industry Insights

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B.I.S.S. Research 2013 Corporate Actions Industry Report

This annual report on the status and issues around corporate actions, in the international securities markets has been produced from research undertaken over the past 10 years. The opinions in this report have been derived from a detailed analysis of the market from an analyst who has been in the industry for over 30 years.

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Featuring Vermeg

This report provides a Corporate and Product Overview of Vermeg and its corporate actions system MegaCor. It also records the B.I.S.S. independent benchmarking results for the different benchmark categories that are deemed to be essential in a full corporate actions system. The high quality of MegaCor's functionality to process corporate actions has been demonstrated to the Analyst.

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Not Just Corporate Actions

Featuring IMActions from Information Mosaic

These reports describe the differences between the leading corporate actions vendors, who have proved to be at the forefront of corporate actions system and have demonstrated the quality of their functionality to process corporate actions to the Analyst.

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Print Magazine

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  • Gary Wright interviews Richard Chmiel of OneMarketData

    Gary Wright, B.I.S.S. Research talks to Richard Chmiel, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing of OneMarketData at Trade Tech Europe 2013. Richard comments on the controversy issues surrounding trading strategies as well as the pros and cons of HFT.

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Featured Case Study

  • Case Study: Asset Arena Pricing Services


    Sharefunds provides fund accounting and pricing services to Fund Managers across the UK as well as comprehensive support for Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) and Unit Trusts.

    The Business Challenge
    Strengthen security price validation process, Increase security price accuracy, Eliminate manual intervention, Transition ShareFunds' clients seamlessly, Leverage efficiencies in data collection and validation.

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